BRIC-inStem scientists shows how poor-quality sleep can worsen heart patients’ situation

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a genetic disorder prevalent in the Indian population. Even though many patients die of sudden cardiac arrest or heart failure, the reasons remain elusive. Since the link between HCM and lifestyle is not well studied, Dr Perundurai’s lab worked to discover the effect of disturbed sleep, or sleep fragmentation on the propensity for heart failure. A transgenic mouse model was developed that has a modified C10 domain of the human MYBPC3 protein that mimics the effects of a 25 bp deletion that causes HCM and is a specific sarcomere gene variant commonly found among Indians.  After being subjected to 8 weeks of sleep fragmentation, the measure of detrimental changes at the physical and biochemical level in the mice revealed that sleep fragmentation is a risk factor for heart patients. Following interventions to improve sleep patterns have the potential to help HCM patients, making the study directly relevant for cardiovascular medicine.

Link to the article: , Citation: Bose K, Agrawal R, Sairam T, Mil J, Butler MP, Dhandapany PS. Sleep fragmentation induces heart failure in a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy mouse model by altering redox metabolism. iScience. 2024 Mar 15;27(3):109075        
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