BRIC - Global Networking Program

The complex challenges of current times are best addressed through strong partnerships, including international collaborations that take advantage of global resources and talent. Team science, the combining of resources and expertise that cannot be found in a single institution is crucial for devising credible and sustainable solutions for the challenges we face today.

The International Centre for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology (ICGEB), at New Delhi is India’s connect with a well-established global network of Member States, placing it in a unique position to anchor and helm efforts in this context.

ICGEB, New Delhi, was established in 1983 and is part of a larger group of ICGEB Member States, empowered to use and apply the latest scientific developments and modern biotechnology solutions to end disease and achieve food and energy security, while fostering the development of human capital through education, training, and provision of equal opportunities for all. ICGEB’s role to promote South-South Cooperation aligns with the DBT’s mandate to serve as a nodal point for international cooperation and play a pivotal role in enabling collaboration and cooperation between the BRIC consortium and the ICGEB Affiliated Centres and Regional Research Centres (RRCs). The ICGEB Member States now include 22 countries in Africa, 9 in the Middle East, 13 in Europe, 5 in Central America and the Caribbean, 8 in South America, and 8 in Asia. Hence, Biotechnology cooperation can be strengthened with these countries.

iBRIC, i.e., BRIC Institutions will continue to undertake research partnerships globally. Additionally, ICGEB will serve as a nodal centre for bringing together researchers from different parts of the world with diverse yet complementary knowledge as well as resources to catalyze multi-organizational and inter-disciplinary research, including establishing BRIC institution research stations at global locations.