Department of Biotechnology: Pioneering Biotechnological Excellence for a Better Tomorrow

Unleashing Biotechnological Progress

Since its establishment in 1986, the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) has been at the forefront of catalyzing transformative advancements in India’s biotechnological landscape. With a modest yet dedicated workforce, DBT has emerged as a driving force that fosters innovation, advances research, and promotes entrepreneurship.

Building Scientific Leaders

Over the past five years, DBT’s Autonomous Institutions have been instrumental in shaping the next generation of biotechnological leaders. With a commitment to excellence, these institutions have successfully trained over 700 Ph.D. scholars, 1000 post-docs, and 5000 research fellows. Notably, they have contributed significantly to the academic landscape by publishing over 6000 papers and securing 100 patents.

Innovating for National Growth

Beyond scientific achievements, DBT has been crucial in formulating policies and guidelines that profoundly impact India’s biotech sector. Beyond mere support, the department has positioned itself as a visionary architect, actively shaping India’s biotechnological future trajectory.

A Diverse Ecosystem for Societal Well-being

DBT’s influence extends far beyond the confines of research laboratories. The department’s expansive support network reaches 15 theme-based autonomous institutions, one international organization, and innovative Public Sector Undertakings like BIBCOL and BIRAC. The numbers speak volumes – with over 6000 research projects, 50,000 scientific personnel, 4 bio clusters, 20 Centres of Excellence, and 10 biotech parks, DBT is committed to building a diverse and impactful ecosystem.

Addressing National Challenges

DBT’s initiatives go beyond laboratory breakthroughs; they actively address societal challenges through innovative biotechnological solutions. From healthcare to agriculture and environmental sustainability, DBT-backed research makes a tangible difference in people’s lives.

Empowering Startups for Social Impact

Public Sector Undertakings like BIRAC are fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Startups nurtured by DBT are not just driving economic growth but are also focused on solving critical societal issues. This ensures that the benefits of biotechnological progress reach every corner of the nation, positively impacting society at large.

Humanitarian Initiatives and Global Collaboration

DBT’s impact transcends national borders. The department’s bilateral partnerships with over 20 countries and collaborations with international organizations underscore India’s commitment to global biotechnological progress for the collective good.

Join the Biotechnological Movement: Shaping a Better Future for All

Step into the realm of biotechnological excellence with the Department of Biotechnology. Let’s forge a future where ground-breaking research, innovative solutions, and societal impact converge. Welcome to a transformative journey with DBT, where biotechnology catalyzes positive change, enriching lives and shaping a better world for everyone.