Dr. S Sivaramakrishna Pillai

Member (Expert)

Co-founder & Director (R&D),

Proklean Technologies Pvt Ltd,


Dr. Sivaram Pillai is a first generation entrepreneur and, one of the Co-founders and Director (R&D) of Proklean Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a company specializing in natural, non-toxic and bio-degradable products which replace chemicals in variety of industries. He was the CEO of Proklean from inception in 2012 until 2021 and made way for a professional CEO in the beginning of 2021. Proklean, currently operates in five industry segments – leather processing, textile processing, paper & pulp, wastewater treatment and the hospitality industries. Apart from reducing the effluent load, Proklean’s products reduce chemical consumption, save water, energy and process time.

In October 2015, Proklean was awarded the Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Award 2015 and in 2018 was listed in APAC 25 list by Cleantech Forum. Proklean also has been finalist for the global IChemiE Biochemical Engineering award in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

The technology developed by Proklean has been licensed to SCD Probiotics, a company based in U.S.A. for certain parts of the world

Dr. Pillai’s work experience spans Biotechnology, Instrumentation and Agriculture. Over the years he has been in front line selling, pre and post sales customer support, R&D Management, HR, Regulatory Affairs and Profit Center management.

His past assignments include Chief Executive of the Bioproducts Business of E.I.D. Parry, Chennai and CEO of SCD Probiotics, U.S.A.

He has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Madras University. He has travelled widely all across the world and has rich experience in putting together international collaborations and Joint Ventures. His forte is in developing and commercializing technology based products and has multiple global patents to his name.